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Introducing the Kenzo Chair

Are you looking to rent structured seating without sacrificing style for your next event? The Kenzo Chairs are a cost-effective and practical event seating option, as they allow for a high volume of seating while remaining comfortable for your guests. If you’re looking for a simple seating solution, the Kenzo Chairs are a great choice.

Simple Lines, Luxurious Velvet

Available in blue velvet the Kenzo Chairs are 30″ L x 28 3/4″ W x 31 1/2″ H, and will pair great with any of our table rentals. If need to rent in bulk or need a high volume of seating for your tradeshow or conference, the Kenzo is a great option.

Our wide selection of chair rentals have become favorites among our clients, and they are perfect for any event of any size. Chair rentals like our new Kenzo Chairs are ideal because they’re comfortable yet stylish and colorful for your event.

Bring Comfort & Style to Your Next Event with FWR Rental Haus

Our custom designed event rentals and built and fabricated to fit any event, tradeshow, or conference. No matter the type of event you’re hosting, you can count on FWR Rental Haus to provide you with great and stylish furniture.

In addition to event furniture rental, FWR Rental Haus also provides great event add-ons, including charging furniture and various walls for a scenic backdrop.

Contact FWR Rental Haus today or call us at 702-982-8102 to book your event furniture for your next corporate event or tradeshow. Don’t forget, we can ship our rentals directly to your venue with our nationwide shipping network!

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