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It’s so tough to throw a company event that’s both fun AND functional. Attendees feel obligated and have to consider keeping a professional image at all times.  Meaning, if you’re in charge of putting on a company event, the pressure is on to raise intrigue among attendees while staying totally on brand.

So how do you impress attendees while accomplishing one or more event goals?

Our sister creative agency, Fresh Wata, recently shared 5 Steps to Throw the Best Corporate Event Your Company’s Ever Had to help you transform your company event into an interesting and time-worthy experience. Here, we’ll share specific resources that will help you do just that.



In 5 TIPS TO PICK YOUR NEXT EVENT THEME, we suggest brainstorming tactics to help you determine a theme best suited to your brand and event goals. Once you’ve decided your company event theme, how to make it come to life? The devil’s in the details! Check out the link above or view our lookbook for inspiration on how to use event furniture rentals to create an immersive experience. Here are a few of our favorites:



Instead of outdated team building activities like free-falling into the arms of other colleagues or sharing personal stories in front of a group, provide the opportunity for different problem-solving dynamics or activities. Larger than life games such as our Giant Chess Board or Lucky Strike provide a flexible format for discussions and fun.


A lot of research has been done showing the importance of focused downtime to digest and reflect on new information. Focused downtime is time blocked off, be it 30 minutes or two hours, where attendees think and ideate with no end goal in mind. It can take a different form every time, relating to an existing project or business priority. To encourage focused downtime, give attendees a place to relax and unwind:

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