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Bring your difficult builds and projects to our team for estimating. The more difficult the more fun. Stepping into our shop you could see anything from a 100ft wide stage backdrop to a 20ft tall massive freestanding elephant or oversized mossy Adam & Eve tree with red apples. Agencies and brands find comfort in knowing their drawings and mechanics artfully come to life in our scenic shop to your show floor. Our builders have the ability and resources to craft and build anything you can dream for your exhibit, festival or activation. We build display cases, mountain facades, crystalized columns and retail environments using table saws, welders, CNC machines, and a tremendous amount of pride. Having our design team, producers, painters and seamstress all under one roof is an asset for creative directors and event planners focussed on big projects. We get excited by intricate signage, challenges, LED lighting and creative projects. Our builds are crated and delivered across the country and globally—where our team is there to assemble onsite.

Our Capabilities


Concept Ideation

Creative Development

Art Direction

Design Strategy

3D Modeling


Materials Consulting




Metal Work

CNC Routing

Painting, Finishing, Coating

Vinyl Application

AV and Lighting Integration





Pre-Event Receiving

Touring Logistics

Event Shipping

Freight Carrying




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