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You know what your vision looks like, and we help co-create it for you. With a carefully curated collection, you will always find current trends in our designs, colors, and patterns. We work with our innovative designers and curators to conceive a brand new space through not just furniture, but lighting, decor, accents, bars, and more. Our in-house custom fabrication team can produce anything you can dream up! Our unique furniture & decor rental collections transform ordinary spaces into Fresh environments.


Brittney Kelley

Event Producer


  • I love being a mom to 3 girls

  • I have a hard time saying no…except when it comes to parenting.

  • When I’m at a restaurant I look at the dessert menu before anything else. I love anything sweet.

  • I would rather go camping in an RV then stay at any five star hotel.

  • I’m a do it yourself type of girl. I’m always up for a challenge to fix something or help someone when I can.

Traci Keefer

Account Manager


  • Loves a good glass of champagne

  • Could eat pizza every day

  • Binge watches TV shows like no-ones business

  • Social Media addict

  • Works hard and plays hard

Jacqueline Butler

Event Designer


  • Mother of 2 girls

  • Loves a good theme party

  • Celebrates the opening of an envelope (i.e. celebrates everything)

  • Used to dance in front of large audiences, now has dance parties in her kitchen

  • Foodaholic

Brittney Kelley


Fun Facts About Brittney

I love being a mom to 3 girls I have a hard time saying no…except when it comes to parenting. When I’m at a restaurant I look at the dessert menu before anything else. I love anything sweet. I would rather go camping in an RV then stay at any five star hotel. I’m a do it yourself type of girl. I’m always up for a challenge to fix something or help someone when I can.

Traci Keefer


Fun Facts About Traci

I love a good glass of champagne. I could eat pizza every day and binge watch TV shows like no-ones business. I am a self-proclaimed Social Media addict and works as hard as I play.

Jacqueline Butler


Fun Facts About Jacqueline

I am a mother of 4, love a good theme party, and am a self-proclaimed Foodaholic. I used to dance in front of large audiences, but now have dance parties in my kitchen. I believe life should be celebrated and will celebrate the opening of an envelope.


Make an appointment or stop by our showroom to meet our newest rentals!

Our one of a kind showroom and space is also is available to rent. Whether you’re looking to have an employee appreciation party, host a networking event, celebrate achieving a key corporate milestone, develop an engaging fundraiser, wanting to wow potential clientele, or you just want to throw a party for the sake of partying, be prepared to be blown away by our dynamic space! For more information check out StarBase, a hybrid event space.


  • "I worked with FWR on two major industry events in Vegas this year. Both of them were key priorities for my organization, and needed to be executed flawlessly. With the help of FWR, both of the events went off without a hitch! The staff, responsiveness, and quality of the work was superb. I look forward to working with Brittney and the team on many events in the future!"

    Brittany Lucas Event Producer
  • "I've had the pleasure of working with Brittney Kelley and FWR on many projects for the Cosmopolitan and Venetian with various events and clients over the last 5 years. There are no words to say how incredible it is to work with Brittney on my events! Her knowledge, expertise and creative talents are second to none! Her tireless work ethic is exceptional. She ALWAYS goes the extra mile and then more! I wouldn't think of ever going anywhere else! FWR h's the best of the best in selection to make any event become the WOW factor!"

    Colleen Custer
    Colleen Custer Event Producer
  • "You were an absolute pleasure to work with both onsite and throughout the planning process. We greatly appreciate your professionalism, flexibility and attention to detail. The final product was amazing!"

    Jenna Linnekens
    Jenna Linnekens Director of Business Development
  • "FWR is hands down the best service, quality, and variety of decor. Whenever we can have FWR as our partner vendor we do it - any city, any client. They continue to provide top level service that is unmatched on the market. In pre-production design they have amazing variety, ideas, and resources to create the perfect look you want. The quality of product is always fantastic and they work tirelessly to make it perfect. I cannot imagine the event world without FWR."

    Kayla Weaver
    Kayla Weaver Senior Producer
  • "Amazing service and a wonderful, creative inventory".

    Deena Suffin
    Deena Suffin Event Producer
  • "The hardest working decor company west of New York! I have had the pleasure of working with FWR on multiple project both big and small- They put the same amount of love + care into every detail - and will always go the extra mile to make things perfect! It is a pleasure working with the entire crew!"

    Mary Richerson Experiential Designer + Producer
  • “Brittney Kelly and the FWR team is the best to work with! We love their creative style it fits perfect with the Spinoso style! Thank you for all your hard work and we cannot wait to continue working with you!”

    Alyssa Campagna
    Alyssa Campagna Marketing Assistant and Events Coordinator
  • "FWR is a decor rental house like no other, their unique inventory and ability to customize pieces to your exact needs sets them apart from other decor / prop houses. Although, what truly makes them so special and why I love working with them is because of the unparalleled customer service from Brittney Kelly and her entire team. They are a dream to work with, the most gracious, professional and hard-working individuals I have encountered in the industry."

    Vanessa  Gonzalez
    Vanessa Gonzalez Owner
  • "Meeting Brittney and her team at FWR has literally been life changing for me. Working Trade shows is extremely stressful and requires such detailed planning. I am blessed to have Brittney and her tram and their knowledge - they seem to have a solution to all of my problems.I have never felt so comfortable, confident and secure with a company knowing I am 100% taken care of in every way. I can't say how much I love working with you all."

    Luba Sasowski
    Luba Sasowski Chairman / Founder

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