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Events and parties (particularly weddings!) can be extraordinarily expensive affairs. One of the most common concerns that planners hear is budget — and how a client can get the look they want without overspending. Since furniture and décor typically have a high retail value, event professionals have long acknowledged that renting is better than buying. Even for do-it-yourselfers, renting was once considered a no brainer for saving on cost while staying on trend.

However, with so many online retailers offering free shipping, plus a slew of options for selling your old stuff, the once best-practice of renting over buying is being questioned.

But cost isn’t the only consideration! Here are three factors to consider before you decide on buying over renting your event furniture and décor:

1. We Set-Up for You

Imagine this: It’s the morning of your big event, and you’re mentally planning the next dozen hours down to the last minute. You have to meal prep, make sure everything is set at the venue, answer any last-minute questions, put the finishing touches on tables, and get yourself ready… all before guests start to arrive!

Now, how do you feel about unstacking 150 chairs? Stringing the lights? Setting up the archway? Now, of course, there are people ask to help, but will they know exactly how to plug in the charging tables? How to arrange your furniture and decor to achieve your desired look?

The first reason that renting is better than buying is simple: It saves you time and stress!

FWR Rental Haus includes setup with the cost of your rentals. That service can be the difference between walking into an event-ready reception or trying to arrange everything yourself to make sure guests don’t mistake your venue for a yard sale.

2. We Pack It All Away

Is there anything you want to do less after a successful event than move heavy furniture and décor?

If you buy items, you’ll need to store them before the event. Someplace where they won’t get damaged, melt in the heat, or be stolen. This eliminates many basements, garages, and community spaces, which begs the question: where else can you stash these (often large) items?

Even if you plan to resell items, it’s unlikely that will occur in the hours directly after your event, which means you’ll have to pack everything back up.

The second reason that renting is better than buying? Whether it’s same day or the one following, we’ll turn hundreds of chairs plus tables, a dance floor, even a 40′ inflatable dome back into a cleared space without you ever lifting a finger.

event furniture storage

FWR Rental Haus Mission Chair and Modern Witt Table

3. Our Rentals Are Exceptional Quality

Sometimes the thought process behind buying is that you’ll be able to own and use an item long after the event. The only problem? While an item might function the same, you’re certainly going to sacrifice quality to stay in the same ballpark as the rental price.

If you’re aiming for a high-end experience and an exquisite aesthetic, you won’t find a vintage sofa or gold-mirrored end tables for purchase anywhere near the cost of their rental price.

See something that you like? Click a product’s name to check out more information, then select the heart icon to receive a rental quote for your next conference, party, or event!

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