Super Fresh Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas

Non-floral centerpieces can add interest — and even interactivity — to your event decor. Even better, because there’s no chance of one of these alternative centerpieces wilting, they can be assembled far ahead of time, granting you the one luxury you can’t buy in a store: time. Get inspired by the creative examples of non-floral centerpieces below. 

Books & Games

Nothing brings down a party like all the guests just sitting at their table and not interacting with others. Games and books can bring a table to life by encouraging your guests to get involved. Beyond table games, you can encourage collaboration to unlock a prize. If it’s an event to be remembered, ask guests to write a thought or sentiment for you to keep. Even stacks of vintage books in classic titles can spark conversation while creating a unique, non-floral centerpiece.

Natural Elements

Incorporate elements from the outdoors to create casually elegant table decor. Interesting textures and shapes, from pine cones to seashells and even large, glossy palms can be artfully arranged for a nature-chic look. Add pillar candles in cylinder vases for a touch of sparkle.

Shapes & Light

Illuminate your table and create a feeling of warmth with fairy lights or candles.  Graceful and simple, tall stemmed candle holders are a staple for centerpiece decorations. Dress them up for grand galas or keep it casual and laid back for a rustic theme. Transparent votives, cylinders, and organic shapes like branches add visual interest. 

Make a Statement

Whether you want to raise awareness or funds, informative centerpieces help get your message across. For non-profit fundraisers, consider displaying the items to be auctioned as centerpieces at each table, then allowing guests to mingle before bidding.

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