Seat n Meet

Overall Dimensions:

Length ( Left – Right ) = 82 inches ( 6 ft 10 inches )

Width ( Front – Back ) = 48 inches ( 4 ft )

Height = 84 inches ( 7 ft )

Weight Restrictions Per Swing Seat:
200 lbs

11 Piece Set

  • 2 Side Frames
  • 2 Upper Crossbars
  • 1 Base Frame with Table
  • 6 Wood Swings with Chains

The Seat n Meet is FWR Rental Haus’ new table set that brings a whimsical twist to meeting and dining tables.  Get into the swing of things and have fun doing it.  The Seat n Meet is self contained with six wood swings attached to a powder coated metal frame via chains and arranged around a wood table top.  While the swings are meant to be a fun twist to the whole table setting, it is not recommended to swing  on the seats like a playground swing as there is a stationary table in front of you.  Always use caution with leaning back on the swings without holding onto the swing chains as you or your guest may lose your balance.

FWR Rental Haus currently has one Seat n Meet in white and one in black.

The Seat n Meet can be branded for an additional charge.  Be sure to contact one of our specialists to ensure your graphics and logos will properly fit the areas you will need branded.

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