Pallet Pony Wall 8 Foot L / 10 Foot L

Two Sizes Available:

8 ft L  x  4 ft H

10 ft L  x  4 ft H

FWR Rental Haus’ Pallet Pony Wall is available in either an 8 foot length or a 10 foot length with both standing at 4 feet high.  They are stained in a golden pecan wood stain and will require base plates in order to be freestanding,  The Pallet Pony Walls are double sided and can be branded which will be an additional charge.  Be sure to contact one of our specialists to ensure your graphics and logos will properly fit the areas you will need branded.

Availability: Check the availability of this piece by adding it to your wish list and sending it our way. We’ll get back to you right away with and let you know what’s available for your dates.

Multi Day Rentals: No problem, just send your wish list with the dates you need and we’ll extend our weekly or monthly rates.

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