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Do you want a unique, custom fabricated piece for your next event?

Look no further! FWR Rental Haus’ talented team of designers, engineers, and fabricators are only limited by your imagination. First, you should check out these examples of our outstanding designs, elaborate visuals, innovative materials, and interactive tactics that can bring your vision to life:

custom fabrication furniture rental

Live More, Fear Less: Custom Fabricated Backlit Bar for Kyocera

Motivate your guests with a can’t-be-missed message! Just imagine your brand’s message cleverly emblazoned on every event-goers favorite pit stop –the open bar. This is a great example of how a custom-fabricated piece can spread your message and start conversations. In addition to custom fabricated wood paneling, we can create bars out of a wide range of materials. Check out our current stock of bar rentals here and get inspired to create something custom for your next event.

custom fabricated furniture rental

Promote a Sense of Play: Custom Fabricated Games, Sculptures, and Seating

You know what they say about all work and no play… Your custom fabricated furniture doesn’t have to be limited to the indoors. We’ll help you to create a memorable experience by inviting guests to let their inner kids run free! Proving custom fabrications don’t have to be all business, we built oversized lawn games, giant sculptures, and swing seating for an outdoor event.

custom fabricated furniture for rent

Invite Guests on an Adventure: Custom Fabricated Environments

Live marketing events are a fantastic reveal your new product—if you can capture attendees attention. Because you’re competing with hundreds of vendors for attention, sometimes you’ve just got to go big or go home! That was our goal when creating a custom environment for Sephora’s product release. Guests were invited to experience an immersive display that captured the brand’s seasonal trend of bold colors and Asian influence. (No passport required!)

custom fabricated furniture rental

Immerse Your Event Guests in a Custom Environment

FWR Rental Haus is a full-service furniture fabrication and rental company offering a full range of inventory — from hard goods, soft furniture, custom fabrics, intelligent lighting, power distribution, and more — for your event, production, or commercial space.

In addition to our rental, design, and production services, we provide ongoing custom fabrication for our client’s needs, as well as nationwide delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Let our experienced team of professionals provide rental product assistance from layout and design to logistics and installation. Get in touch on our Contact Page today!


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